To manage your properties, you must have software that will help you. Property management is a multi-faceted area. It is bound to have numerous software solutions that could shape this profession better. Property management software claims to deliver high investor returns and eases the burden of time-consuming property-related tasks. A SaaS-based property organizer is the best digital asset management software to help you maintain and manage your properties. Be helpful for both rental as well as for sale-owning properties.

Benefits of SaaS-Based Property Organiser

If you have a lot of property or shares in a property, a SaaS-based property organizer can help you manage it all. It has the following features that will help you in the process.

Check In / Check Out Function

If you have a large property, it can be challenging to manage who is where. A SaaS-based property organizer can help you to check in and check out your guests. You won't need to worry about the timing of your guests, as the time they arrive and leave will be automatically updated by the system. With this feature, you can easily see all your guests staying on your property and ensure that everyone is safe and accounted for.

Property Information and Photos

A SaaS-based property organizer software can greatly help organize your properties. It is a system that allows you to store all your properties in one place. The software will enable you to store all the property details and upload photos. This way, when looking for a particular property, you will not have to go through all the documents you have stored at home or in the office. You will be able to access them from anywhere in the world.

Tenancy Information Management

Tenancy information management is the ability to track and manage all important information about your tenancy. This includes the tenant’s name and phone number, their monthly rent, what utilities they pay for, how much, when the lease ends, etc.

This information would be stored in an Excel spreadsheet or a paper file folder in a traditional property management system. However, with a SaaS-based property organizer, all of this information can be easily accessed from anywhere at any time. One will only need simple logging into your account on your computer or mobile device.

Maintenance Tracking

The maintenance tracker is a feature that allows you to track all the issues and maintenance requests tenants have made. This feature helps you find exactly what needs fixing in your properties and lets you see who is responsible for each issue and when they were last seen.

If there are any building problems, such as leaks or broken light switches, you can easily identify them and get them sorted out quickly so that no one has to deal with the stress of living with them daily.

Communications With Tenants

In the past, it was common for landlords to communicate with their tenants via post. Now, with the advent of technology, more channels are available for communication.

A SaaS-based property organizer is a system that allows landlords to communicate with their tenants via email, text message, and even video chat. This is a great way to keep your tenants updated on any news about their property and make sure that they are aware of any maintenance issues or other problems which may arise during their tenancy.

Accounting Features

Keeping track of your property and its expenses can be a real pain. The accounting features of the SaaS-based property organizer will allow you to keep track of all your business expenses to ensure that it is all being accounted for properly. With an accounting feature, you can keep track of all the monetary transactions on your property, so you never miss out on anything.

You will be able to see each expense and when it occurred, so you can know exactly where your money is going and whether or not it's being used appropriately. This will also help with tax time because you will have everything neatly organized in one place.


Real estate investors work hard to achieve their goals. For this, they can try anything that would make their job easy and efficient. Moreover, the requirements of keeping track of details such as finances, employees, contractors, and properties sometimes prove to be hectic and time-consuming. For this reason, a SaaS-based Property organizer could be the right solution.

No matter what your storage needs are, whether, for a single room, a whole home, or all your belongings, a SaaS-based property organizer can help sort everything with greater convenience. In addition to the services they offer to help you organize your home or office, they offer other services to assist in selling the property along with moving and storage.